Exhibition in Milan "Ritagli sul Mondo"

21st of September until 1st of Oktober 2011
The exhibition in Milan RITAGLI SUL MONDO curated by Professor Carlo Franza comprises a series of scultpures by Miguel Horn in various materials, from wood to Thiokol, clay and iron (the famous FerrumSkulpturen) as well as scetches and designs on paper. Carlo Franza writes on the sculpures of Miguel Horn: Miguel Horn arrives in Milan with an exhibition that demonstrates his persistent work on sculpture. His sculptures are now intertwined in the European landscape, specifically with the installation of monumental works that inspire an idea of the architecture of the world with all its living and non-living components, that present an example of deep and existential reflections...
Works exhibited in RITAGLI SUL MONDO:
1. 4 Ritagli:
Faces that bring to mind the sculptures of the pacific islands and the ecological chaos of Easter Island.
(Height: 2m. Material: 20,000 year old oak, found in a quarry close to Vienna)
2. La Nostra Era:
Two sculptures covered in rubber-like material that represent the use or abuse of the resource "oil"
Height: 2 m., Metal and Thiokol)
3. Il golfo del Messico:
2 gulls in their last struggle
(Height: 40 cm. , Material: Steel and Thiokol)
4. La ricerca della felicità: Two people with special needs
work influzenced by a visit to a workshop for handicapped people.
(Height: 50 cm, Material: clay)
5. Africa:
Sculpture which symbolises the hopes of the peoples of Africa
(Height: 80 cm. , Material: Steel)
6: Srebrenica: chi sta guardando
40 faces look down from a wall of the gallery in memory of the 8380 people murdered in Srebrenica (40 x 30 cm. each)
7. Tetragon: La danza dell’ autunno
Sculpture in memory of the peoples that vanish in this world (model of a 5m sculpture exhibited in Passau)
(Height: 1,2 m. , Material: Steel)
8. Studien:
8 scetches on white paper studying different motives (50 x 70 cm)